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US EPA Clean Water Act Guidance: Discharges To Groundwater That Affect Surface Water Are Excluded From NPDES Program

On April 12, 2019, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a guidance memorandum stating that point source discharges to groundwater, which subsequently migrate or are conveyed to surface water, are excluded from the Clean Water Act’s NPDES… Read More
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CA Senate Bill 49 Would Establish Obama-Era Federal Environmental Standards as Minimum Standards Under State Law

In response to the Trump Administration’s promised rollbacks of federal environmental regulations, California State Senate President pro Tempore Kevin De León and Senator Henry Stern have introduced Senate Bill 49 (“SB 49”), a sweeping attempt… Read More
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President Issues Executive Order Directing Review of 2015 Clean Water Act Rule

President Trump has directed the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) and the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works (“Army Corps”) to review the 2015 Clean Water Act Rule (“Rule”) defining “Waters of th… Read More
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